Within the Village of Florida, running at large prohibited; penalties for offenses.
Any person who shall permit to run at large any cattle, fowl, sheep,
horses, swine or goats and who in any way obstructs the streets or
sidewalks of the Village with the animals shall be subject to a penalty
of not more than $250 or imprisonment for not more than 15 days, or


Dog licenses can be obtained at the Warwick Town Clerk’s office and must be renewed yearly.

Dog License Altered

Dog License Unaltered


These ordinances apply in the Town of Warwick and the Villages of Florida, Greenwood Lake, and Warwick.

  • Running at Large: Dogs unrestrained off own property
  • Disturbance of the Peace: Habitual howling or barking
  • Damage/destruction of Property (other than owner): Not limited to and including urinating and defecating upon the premises of others
  • Chase/Harass: Cause intimidation of reasonable apprehension of bodily harm or injury
  • Habitually chase, run along side, or bark at motor vehicles or bicycles
  • Non-removal of feces off public or private property other than owner

The Warwick Valley Humane Society, Inc. (WVHS) is a not for profit corporation of the State of New York. Founded in 1954, WVHS has operated the Warwick Animal Shelter since 1968. The Shelter is located at 48 Public Works Drive.

The Warwick Valley Humane Society provides animal control services for the Town of Warwick. The Animal Control Officer will impound, at the animal shelter, any dog found running at large.  To retrieve an impounded dog, the Town of Warwick has established the following fee schedule:

First Offense $50.00 plus $30.00/day after 24 hrs
Second Offense $75.00 plus $30.00/day after 24hrs
Third Offense $100.00 plus $30.00/day after 24hrs plus summons

All dogs must have a current rabies inoculation and NY State dog license prior to leaving the facility.

PO Box 61
48 Public Works Drive
Warwick, New York 10990
Open 7 Days
Noon – 4:00 PM
Email: email hidden; JavaScript is required
Phone: 845.986.2473
Fax: 845.987.8995

Cruelty Line:  845.987.7336