The Zoning Board of Appeals is responsible for hearing and deciding on land use exceptions and variances. It interprets and implements land use Code of the Village of Florida for residential and commercial property.  They meet the second Monday of the month, if necessary.

All applications must be in no later than 15 days prior to the meeting date.

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Martin Dellatto | Chairperson
Phone: 845-651-7626
Term: Five year term expiring 5/31/23

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Zenon Wojcik |  Member
Term: Five year term expiring 5/31/24

Frank Dagele | Member
Term: Five year term expiring 5/31/22

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William Pillmeier Jr. | Member
Term: Five-year term expiring 5/31/24

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Peter Scheuermann | Member
Term: Five year term expiring 5/31/22

Christine Bodeker | ZBA Secretary
Phone: 845-651-7626

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JULY 2021  Meeting Adjourned

ROE STREET 101-5-21.1

Area Variance for Proposed Single Family Home

5.10.2021 101-5-21.1 roe street ph notice

3.29.21 roe st application w eaf and mailing list

3.29.2021 roe street proposed site plan


zba agenda 7.12.2021

APRIL 2021

30 WERNER AVENUE  108-3-1.2

public hearing notice 30 werner

site plan 30 werner

30 werner ZBA application 108-3-1.2  

4.12.2021 public notice w zoom link