Please Conserve Water

The weather has been absolutely beautiful this August, but that does create problems with our water supply.  The Board is asking that all residents take simple measures to conserve water.  Not leaving faucets running while brushing your teeth, watering your flowers and gardens by hand, utilizing car washes instead of your own water supply are all simple ways to save water.

Collection Site Closed

We are no longer accepting TV’s and other electronics at 45 Maple Ave.  We will continue to collect them during Fall and Spring Pickups.

Community Calendar

The easiest way to find out about our Community Events is to go to our Community Calendar. Do you have an upcoming community event we should now about? Let us know!



Welcome to the Village of Florida

Nestled in the southern part of Orange County, New York, the Village of Florida is a charming community of farming, businesses and rich local history. Within commuting distance of the New York metropolitan area, the Village offers suburban vitality in the foothills of the Catskills.


Stay InformedKeep Up With the News!

Read the two journals that will keep you informed about our community; The Florida Focus and the Warwick Valley  Dispatch.


Credit: Village of Florida sign and logo by Susan Bemel

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