Notice to Residents/Public Hearings

Notice to Residents/Public Hearings

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As we work as a community to deal with the COVID 19 pandemic, we encourage our residents to participate in local government through alternative means. At present there are several scheduled public hearings for the Village of Florida. Members of the public may submit public comment in writing. Written comments may be hand delivered or mailed to Village Hall at 33 South Main Street, Florida, NY 10921 or emailed to Please put the topic you are commenting on in the subject line. For example, “Public Comment – Sewer and Water Local Law.”

The following public hearings are scheduled:

  Wednesday March 18, 2020 at 7 p.m.

  •   Community Development Block Grant.
  •   Introductory Local Law 2 of 2020, A local Law to Amend the Billing and Fees For Sewer and Water.

Wednesday April 15, 2020 @ 7:30

  •  2020-2021 Budget Public Hearing
  • Introductory Local Law 3 of 2020, A Local Law To Repeal Chapter 25, Entitled “Salaries and Compensation” of the Village of Florida Code.
  • Introductory Local Law 4 of 2020, A Local Law to Designate Village Intersections as stop Intersections (Glenmere and Rose & Glenmere and Werner)
  • Introductory Local Law 5 of 2020, A Local Law to Amend Chapter 87, entitled Parks.

Each of the Local Laws may be found in the link below.



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